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OPTOS with optomap

Optomap is the industry leading retinal imaging software only available in the high end retinal cameras made by OPTOS. As your doctors, this camera provides us with ultra wide view high definition images of the far portions of your retina in less than a second. We are able to detect disease faster and earlier than with conventional technologies and we will be able to discuss findings with you on a viewing screen in the exam room, layer by layer. It has truly revolutionized the way we are able to evaluate and educate our patients. We are able to not just talk about a diagnosis in general, but also SHOW our patients exactly what we see and how it affects them individually.


As a cataract surgeon, I have used the majority of the major manufacturer's devices to measure and assess cataracts in attempts to select the best customized lens for each individual patient. I consider this the most important choice of technology in my practice due to the heavy demands placed on the modern cataract surgeon. In my practice, I have chosen the ARGOS Image Guidance biometer for cataract surgery planning. I have been blown away by the speed and reliability of the ARGOS. Alcon builds on years of cataract evaluation advancements and incorporates the newest swept source OCT imaging. This technology provides the highest level of predictability and customized cataract surgery planning that I have observed in clinical practice. Currently, this machine is the most advanced cataract evaluation technology available in the Prescott and Prescott Valley areas. TO BE CLEAR, THIS IS NOT A PROMOTIONAL MESSAGE. I chose to purchase this technology because I believe in it. I trust it to provide the best outcomes for my patients. This was not a decision I would ever choose to make based on cost, but instead have based it on my desire to provide my patients with the best results possible. Your vision is my focus.

Jared Smedley, MD